About Entriprenyur.Com

Entriprenyur.Com is a Philippine-based business information and social entrepreneurship website. It seeks to highlight the important role of small scale business enterprises in the overall growth of the economy.

As an information website, Entriprenyur.Com will provide news and updates about the MSME sector. We will also promote budding local businesses and offer candid reviews about their products and services.

Why “Entriprenyur”?

‘Entriprenyur’ is a Filipino slang of the word ‘entreprenyur’ or entrepreneur in the English language. Our name tells everything about the content we wish to deliver to our audience.

We are all about entrepreneurship, business opportunities, trading, products and all other things related to building economic growth and wealth creation.

The Entriprenyur Logo

Our logo is a stylized rendition of the letter E in the old Baybayin script. Baybayin is the ancient alphabet of the Philippine archipelago long before the Spaniards came to colonize the Philippines.

We chose the Baybayin letter E to symbolize the home-grown quality of our content. It also symbolizes the enduring Filipino spirit of entrepreneurship.

What Can You Expect from Entriprenyur.Com

We offer timely and accurate updates about the state of small business sector whether in the Philippines or outside the country. Of course, the main focus of our content will be about the local business scene especially those from provincial cities and municipalities.

You can also expect us to provide business and product reviews. It is our mission in Entriprenyur.Com to promote and highlight the small business owner, the social enterprises, the sole proprietors, the fledgling trader and online sellers, the digital nomads, the marketers, and local service providers.

The majority of our content will be about them: the trusty and gritty entrepreneurs.

And lastly, we will try to provide tips and life hacks for small businesses. Whether it’s about making money, saving for the future, budgeting and what-have-you’s, our website will offer content that (we hope) could help budding entrepreneurs navigate the complicated world of growing a business.